Each snow drop was like magic…

… a firework or a falling star, continually reaching the same point under the streetlight before disappearing.

You don’t have to like artificial light but it can highlight some of the best things in life.

Tonight we dared the snow to stick, and it did a little, we said that if it should have stuck more so by tomorrow we would go up to the hill fort, because I need to make a snow angel and a snowman with a heart.

We watched a film that I didn’t like that grew on me and turned out wonderfully then we sat in the dark, and for the first time ever I didn’t feel afraid. You said ‘there are things in the dark, I’m one of them’ and it made sense that I should not feel afraid.

Tonight was another night of the rest of my life and I’m saying goodnight with a smile on my face that’s more real than any I’ve had.


May the dark be as kind to you all as it was to me.



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