At the heart of the matter.

It is a fragile titanium that I am blessed with between these breakable bones and lines of hollow wool that hold it in place. A Heart of solid metal which relies on the strength of such a fragile framework and above it a mass of this wool in multi-colour combined to form what I call my brain […]

Conversation moving like a train…

Everytime I’ve gotten the train lately, and oh my I love trains, I have had a conversation with someone; however briefly in passing. I learned about three students and a woman who was not happy with her hair cut. Mostly, I learned that the people sat with a frown on their face are just mirroring […]

To Overthink…

So as I stand to philosophise for yet another day, other aspects of my reality are slipping. I’m starting to question who I should believe and coming up with the conclusion ‘not even myself’ as what is belief other than a merit-able assumption. But it hit me like a train track that although I may […]

Train of thought…

On an increasingly speedy journey from thought to epiphany, I decided to take the train on a different route and as I hop onto the platform I realize that the train was going to quickly and I’ve missed my stop, so I travel back and forward on other lines and at the end of the day […]

A courtsey…

It’s probably time I introduced myself without being rude and leaving it to the blurb. But seeing as today (despite things being in order of when I wrote them) is the day of my launching this blog, as somewhere to share what makes me happy (because my flat mates tire quickly of my mostly optimistic […]

2 days in numbers.

The cake: 4.75 hours, 5 colours, 8 letters, 1 Birthday, Countless dedication. The walk: 1 hour 30 minutes, 11:30- 13:00, 90 minutes; google’s predicted time (exc. stops) 4.6 miles, 19.56521739130435 minutes per mile, 3 m/ph average speed, 2-4 m/ph actual speed, 10104 steps on a pedometer, 2 stops for snacks etc., Countless cars, 1 shattered […]

All of my flaws are layed out one by one.

This title may be a song quote but it illuminates how I’ve been feeling lately. I’ve been seeing the good in everyone so much that I’ve felt as though my flaws have been layed out like a jigsaw puzzle, and I’m slowly but surely piecing it back together. The last few months have given me […]