All of my flaws are layed out one by one.

This title may be a song quote but it illuminates how I’ve been feeling lately.

I’ve been seeing the good in everyone so much that I’ve felt as though my flaws have been layed out like a jigsaw puzzle, and I’m slowly but surely piecing it back together.

The last few months have given me so much realisation, so much deep thought, I’ve made all the teenage mistakes I never made and learned from them, and realised that I have so much left to do and learn and see and be in life.

I am grateful for every recent moment, the good and the bad because I am learning and with every flaw in myself I find, I am piecing together something to build myself upon that is not doubt but faith in the good qualities others being something I can learn for myself.

Our flaws are like freckles, they make us beautiful as we learn to accept them.

Find your own, there’s never a reason to be sad about exploring something you can learn from,



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