A courtsey…

It’s probably time I introduced myself without being rude and leaving it to the blurb.

But seeing as today (despite things being in order of when I wrote them) is the day of my launching this blog, as somewhere to share what makes me happy (because my flat mates tire quickly of my mostly optimistic self).

I believe in many things:

1. That there is beauty in everything.

2. That opposites work together, you can never know true hapiness without having experienced sadness.

3. That you should always be as kind as you can, regardless of how people react to it, because we’re ever changing persons fixed only by body and a kind act today could mean the person who benefitted from it may do something kind tomorrow.

4. The little things in life are the best. Clouds in beautiful shapes, the sunshine coming in through a window at the break of day, the feel of a freshly made bed and the scent of spring in the air.

5. To just believe is all it takes to live and love the way you should.

I won’t go on, I could, because I believe so many things that I’d like to share them all but I have to venture back into the world,  Goodbye for now.




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