To Overthink…

So as I stand to philosophise for yet another day, other aspects of my reality are slipping.

I’m starting to question who I should believe and coming up with the conclusion ‘not even myself’ as what is belief other than a merit-able assumption.

But it hit me like a train track that although I may over-react sometimes and I may over think sometimes, I can (usually) trust myself.

For a year now, I have wondered whether maybe, just maybe my caffeine intolerance might have disappeared after more than 4 years of it. For more than a year, my Ex and a few other untrusting individuals have put forward suggestions, reasons why I should find out, other things in hot drinks it could be, and I started to wonder more and more but persisted knowing that even with the possibility it was too great a risk. But today, very much by accident I took a single sip of green tea, just one as it was too hot. By the time it had cooled and before I drank more I was shaking, shivering and had to take paracetamol (for the headache to stop it from becoming a migraine) an allergy tablet (for the shaking) and have spent the evening wrapped in a blanket not being able to eat due to slight  nausea…from that single sip.

This was an accident, but imagine I had gone against my own better judgement and listened to those with doubt, to those with radical theories and those who thought they knew better and I hadn’t had the luck of it being to hot to drink more, I would most likely have ended up in bed for a few days, in the dark with no amount of tablets or juice or blankets being able to do anything.

To turn this into something I am taking as a life lesson,

Today I learned that you trust your instincts, don’t take risks with things that you know may do serious harm to you and unless your ideals match another persons, listen only to yourself. This isn’t just about an allergy, it can be applied to so many things.

I’m learning

Sincerely in thought,



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