Conversation moving like a train…

Everytime I’ve gotten the train lately, and oh my I love trains, I have had a conversation with someone; however briefly in passing.

I learned about three students and a woman who was not happy with her hair cut.

Mostly, I learned that the people sat with a frown on their face are just mirroring most other people, if you smile or say hello, perhaps you got the same connecting train as the one before, or perhaps you spot a bag with a logo you recognise on it, regardless, there’s a commonality that makes you want to say hello, and it spreads.

Not just on trains now, in train stations or the elevators too them, there’s never need for an awkward silence, whether you’re in a crowded place or a shockingly busy one.

Taking trains has taught me this, and I have met some very interesting people.

Try it for yourself and you might make a new friend, even in the vaguest sense.




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