How to Fill an afternoon in 22 pages

My browser has 22 tabs open: 12 are asking me to learn something new and maybe write about it, 6 are giving me option of various ways I could travel and all the places I could go to, 3 are showing me that other people have and will continue to follow in the wonder-lust steps […]

Walking Backwards and growing

We are unlearning life, We are unlearning how to love, We unlearn to see all good, Yet we learn bad, And dislike, And how to find ease in a life where comfort will never allow us to live fully. So some get stuck, some are left in certain times, some never move forward, But you have […]

Life once again gave me Lemons

To cure a bad day, there’s only one thing for it, so out came the baking tray and the cupcake cases and in two bowls I created two mixtures. The products were some very well blended marbled vanilla honey crossed with milk chocolate cupcakes with buttercream made from lemon curd. Constantly my brain is filled with […]

What do you sacrifice for love?

I have the most wonderful friends, but a constant thirst I can’t quench. I live in the smallest of places and love is a constant talking point, but those who don’t find someone start to lose that love. I have seen it happen to those around me who have just given up or moved away, […]

Slumber into which we become…

Our eyes heavy from days that are filled not enough or unfilled just enough for a fatigue to creep in, The comfort provided by duck feather pillows and duvets lulls us into a sense that to rest just a moment will be forever in out favour. As we sit out eyes feel the weight of […]