Freedom is like a butterfly, bound only by the earth on which it reigns.

I had to answer today what it would be that constitutes a free society,

Diverting slightly I came to the conclusion that we are the most free as children, unbound by the burden, enjoying the life as we wish to act it, free of many restrictions.

To have a lesser knowledge (if we can have such a thing at all) gives us a greater freedom but a greater ignorance, in today’s society we cannot spread our wings and fly away such as the butterfly but we can free out minds in knowing of the things that give us the most pleasure.

It’s about embracing a balance of accepting the bad but embracing that which makes us happy.

I decided what a few of these things were for me:

-How a bumblebee goes about its work so¬†unchangingly in protection and service of it’s queen in a beautiful melodic way.

-How nearly every star we see in the sky is already gone by the time it’s light reaches it’s eyes but that there are a few strong stars that are still shining bright as we view them.

-The idea that penguins propose by giving each other pebbles

-That I can never truly know something with certainty, so life is an open book, telling more stories than I can ever know.

All these discoveries set my mind free in thought and make my feel that little bit more glad that the balance of life might be tipping.

Goodnight Fellow bloggers if I may request anything it is that you take a look out of your window, if you can see stars then take a moment to ponder that they have travelled so far to reach your gaze and that they’re last light is now in your eyes…




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