A lifetime

Day 1, they are nought but seeds which shall grow into beautiful things if nurtured correctly.

Day 2, from those tiny seeds the smallest of bright coloured shoots emerges, a delicate thing that requires only sunlight, the air it breathes, nutrients from the ground and water.

Day 3 That shoot has grown tall and strong and leaves start to stem, the base of what it is has been established with a prominent colour and so much ambition.

Day 4, a small flower emerges as their height grows ever more, such beauty and quickening growth.

Day 5, they stand tall and beautiful in full flower for a day that feels like it could go on forever in their prominence, without the need to think that tomorrow this will cease.

Day 6, They show signs of damage, struggling to take in the nutrients provided by the sun.

Day 7, Their last traces of life are shown as they slowly wither leaving seeds with which the process may begin again.

Infinitely willing for time to be everlasting, a bitersweet account of our truth.


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