The mist holds only what you see…

Outside the window the naturally formed ponds on the flatlands reflected black silhouettes of trees and a grey mist that covered the view that I was being taken through, I saw three figures in the distance until they too had been consumed by this seemingly endless mist, until I realised that I now saw only what I wanted to see within the mist, these shapes could have been all manner of things and so my imagination roamed free, a constant excitement building in the knowledge that this was the way I was spending my time on my return home.

Not long after the mist cleared all of a sudden and those grey ponds turned to bright reflective surfaces and each house I passed stood prominent in display of the fact that although they were all in a row they were each there own. The sun then created a glare on the table across from me which caught my vision to the view that was becoming apparent, endless stretches of wheat filled fields, regrown for spring and the most marvelous brickwork on farm houses and churches alike, the closer I got to home the sunnier it got, Until I reached home and I no longer needed the coat and scarf but sunglasses and a tshirt instead.

I am in love, not with a person but a country…no less a place than Wales :D

Sharing the love as always,



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