Meditating under a tree…

I close my eyes and when I open them again I’m in a field surrounded by bushes with nothing beyond them but white mist, I’m sat near the centre and cannot see behind me.

In front the field is full of daisies and wheat, and standing so tall in the middle surrounded by a glistening blue pool of water is a glass tree, from which a single leaf falls. I catch the leaf in my hand and within seconds it has melted to a small puddle, slightly icy on my pale palm, but not an unpleasant feeling.

I realise then that this place is a combination of white’s and the lightest blues, so beautiful and I’m wearing the purest white and my hair is long and blonde.

In this place I am myself, and I feel so very peaceful because it’s bright and clear.

I open my eyes for real this time and realise that this space is just as beautiful, because it’s my own and I am very grateful for all that I am blessed with.

Beauty is found even in the darkest corners, I promise.


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