Slumber into which we become…

Our eyes heavy from days that are filled not enough or unfilled just enough for a fatigue to creep in,

The comfort provided by duck feather pillows and duvets lulls us into a sense that to rest just a moment will be forever in out favour.

As we sit out eyes feel the weight of the day we are told we have had and start to move that weight, and its like a pendulum, altering the motion of the ratio by which are eyelids are both open and closed to which wins, and we know at this point when the weight sets in that our minds will not win.

And that is us, away in dream or thoughtless sleep for as long as we should not wake up,

one day these slumbers will become longer and out battle shorter,

out hearts as well as minds heavy with the weight we have learned from such comfort in comparison to such work,

and we will cease,

but in ceasing we will have endless comfort, for to never wake we are ending with this fragile place,

so to live should we not ensure that this ultimate comfort is from a life in which we have recieved little previously, to have earned the weight given, rather than to have seen it so many times before.

I would rather live long, knowing that at times I was uncomfortable without that which the warmth of a bed may provide, than have slept my life away in knowing that my dreams were the only adventures I had ever had.


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