Make Lemon Curd….

Make Lemon Curd....

When life gives you lemons.
It’s been a few days since I posted but very unfortunately I have had a concussion.
Today I took a day off all the things I need to do and spend quite a few (about 7) hours in the kitchen.
I made home-made bread, Lemon Curd, My own recipe cupcakes and Lemon curd icing with that which would not fit in the jar.
surprisingly I even cooked butter-fried pepper and rice chicken wraps.
The kitchen was like a train station, a mix of quiet and noisy, busy and still, vibrant and dull and all the while I went about the task at hand.

The bread now gone along with the cakes,
My family here full and happy,
What more could I want.

Daisy x


2 thoughts on “Make Lemon Curd….

    • How wonderful that you blogged about the same thing just a couple of days ago, thank you for taking the time to comment and also for wishing me well, it’s very much appreciated :)

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