What do you sacrifice for love?

I have the most wonderful friends,

but a constant thirst I can’t quench.

I live in the smallest of places and love is a constant talking point,

but those who don’t find someone start to lose that love.

I have seen it happen to those around me who have just given up or moved away,

Those whose hearts cannot go on with the lack of truth and love.

There are those who instantly pair but the rest of us it seems are left, after the first month of meeting we all know each other and its like taking a few cards out of a pack, there just isn’t a pair left.

So do I leave the friends I hold so dear in search of freedom that is a great risk,

or do I stay and learn to accept the restraints of living in a place so small until I have received all the education I can and it is time to move again?

I am split so entirely in too, I wish it were only that easy.



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