Why we will never break

In time we are told we will heal,

That we must release the anger that binds us to this infinite us,

That we are broken but can be fixed.

If we release the us, if we release the we and we release the time then there is no-one for time to heal or mend, but this moment in now in which we are infinite, where hurt and anger given to us by others is not of presence.

To be fully broken, we would not exist at all, and anything more than that is a blessing.

People may give us anger from hurt, but they themselves have been given it from elsewhere, it is not yours to carry, no-one else is that person, no one else is even remotely similar to that person, so if you leave the anger at the foot of them, wrapped up with a warning, you can leave it with them, instead if you try to bear it for them it will become harder to leave and be spread to others who understand less.

I told you all this last night whilst you felt the anger of yourself, whilst you continue to hurt the feelings I have for you and I left any anger I could feel behind because I understood,I just hope one day you can too.


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