Walking Backwards and growing

We are unlearning life,

We are unlearning how to love,

We unlearn to see all good,

Yet we learn bad,

And dislike,

And how to find ease in a life where comfort will never allow us to live fully.

So some get stuck, some are left in certain times, some never move forward,

But you have to wriggle yourself out of that small space,

Pooh never stayed stuck in that honey tree,

Try and try again, like people always told you, learn to love, get to know people before you judge and most importantly don’t jump in the water before you’re sure it’s not shark infested, that’s a silly thing to do.

Mistakes are so easy to make but like particles, if we get close and then the negative energy repels us apart, spiralling across a galaxy until each is further away to life than before, they will return, one orbit or random event of motion at a time, remember that mistakes are redeemable, energies can change and one day those particles might share similar space, or incorporate new particles.

We accept the love we think we deserve,

But we should give more love than that in return.



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