How to Fill an afternoon in 22 pages

My browser has 22 tabs open:

12 are asking me to learn something new and maybe write about it,

6 are giving me option of various ways I could travel and all the places I could go to,

3 are showing me that other people have and will continue to follow in the wonder-lust steps of days I have not yet seen,

and one, and the one I am currently on, is contemplating that my dreams are growing by the day, but lessening also.

Gone are the days of staring out of classroom windows, but I suppose, and I perhaps also believe, that after a few more of working hard in an individual sense, those classroom days will have tipped a balance that allows all the paper surrounding me to wash me away to a door, it is not a door of life, I am already living, it is the next barrier, and outside it I see a city, infinite crowds drifting by, each with a story, and I look up at one thing that has always been a constant and I see the clouds,

They are as though each story fills the sky, like our imagination were creating them, and in them I see all the possibilities of what I am yet to create, because behind this final door, I have a whiteboard filled with life, and a maze that begins and ends with more lines and shapes than my eyes can separate.

These 22 metaphorical pages, fill my eyes, encompass my ears but most of all open my mind, they are the key and the door.

What do you see in the clouds?

Have a good Thursday,



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