Translating from Old French

Inhaling the scent I opened the cover and saw these magical words I do not yet understand, deciphering a few I referred to the internet to translate what this book was actually about. Determined to learn French I though grammar of an important nature. However, It would appear that google translate does not understand and […]

My 2013 Bucket list, A new continuity.

A single look and you receive a thousand thoughts and a sinking feeling. This feeling did not fit cause to get in bed but instead reminded me that last week I got a brand new job, today I had an interview to go and study for six months in Canada, and tomorrow is another day […]

Don’t wear the same jumper!

I’m sat in a room and we both knew before hand, I had been defiant and persisted in wearing it, despite your potential claim to have worn or owned it first. You were the only one who noticed and glared. This was unnecessary, we are all big girls, we are able to wear the same clothes […]

Dreary Days and Daisy’s

The Raindrops descended and a singular drop of this circular stated moisture fell onto the tip of her nose just as the only tear that would fall that day escaped the corner of her eye. 6 hours of a Wednesday disappearing in a hospital, half of which spent with worry about the new knowledge of […]


Rolling off my tongue like a wave and just as a refreshing. The warm air hit me as the water surrounded me, this afternoon I was drowning in news of a betrayal I’ve never before known. But now know who my friends are, and I’ve met a new friend whose company I so thoroughly enjoy. […]

An Anti-Marmite Adventure

On wednesday I got on a bus, on a warm breezy day, in a sun dress. I travelled to the nearest big town and from there to a beautiful town barely bigger than a high street but brimming with colour and life. I was there for work, which largely isn’t worth my time, I’m a […]

A Day of Inspiration After a very long day and night, organising things and then having a campfire with some good friends, feeling very motivated I came across this video. It has given me a lot of inspiration and was just so interesting to watch. It gives me a lot of thought. I therefore wanted to share it […]

Ten reasons why packet cake mixes are only for emergencies

My flatmate this evening made a packet mix cake, the results are never good in looks or taste but here are my ten main reasons of why it is not good, and why you should make your own: 1. Packet mixes will never taste anywhere near as good no matter how much butter cream and […]

Procrastinating for Motivation

Today I am alone and have a big deadline tomorrow, but I know once I have completed the work on this piece of writing that will be it for the big events for the next week. I’m not sure why I procrastinate, I find the work easy enough and enjoy it enough. But here I am […]