The Marina

P1080534The water a murky pastel blue, I looked down and longed to just jump.

The boats docked from far away places, the familiar welsh flag adorned one of them and reminded me of home.

The seagulls swarmed in gangs around us, and the breeze swept us back towards the land.

It was beautiful by the see, a freezing cold wind broken by the persistent sunshine,

Sand filling my shoes as I left the marina on to the beach, too cold for ice cream but uncaring I followed tradition.

The sea itself rolled onto the sand as though trying to find its way towards us and being ever pulled back, but its vastness gave an elegant optimisim of the endless possibilites waiting for each and every ship that took the welcoming chance and disappeared beyond the horizon to lands that promise so many things.

One day I will sail or fly away, I’m going to take this chance, but for now I will continue to philosophise until my education is done and I am ready to set sail.


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