A downhill Spiral

A single word,

Tumbling down a long set of stairs,

Placed in the right place for all to see,

and then it sticks with everyone one of them,

and another word is released to make sure you can’t unwedge it,

The damage is done and is irreversible.

Then you realise the person who caused the damage, who set this word in motion is damaged themselves, and that no amount of damage they cause will out do that or get rid of it, and you realise maybe their just trying to make you understand, whether under bad intentions or otherwise.

Either way, the damage is accepted, and forgiven and I have moved on,

I just hope the person who caused it will relinquish the bad things they carry some day,

because no-one deserves to bear a harmfully spread burden that others persist in carrying.

Today my focus is on releasing all bad feelings, because I like to think that it can be left behind so long as it is not first internalized.

And with optimisim things can only get better.




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