Procrastinating for Motivation

Today I am alone and have a big deadline tomorrow, but I know once I have completed the work on this piece of writing that will be it for the big events for the next week.

I’m not sure why I procrastinate, I find the work easy enough and enjoy it enough.

But here I am having listened to ‘I’ll make a man out of you’ from Mulan twice,

Spent over 2 hours practising my French for adventures to come.

I need some motivation.

I live in a sleepy little town which I really do love.

But the weight gain, the lack of exercise and the number of lie-in’s have become too much of a regular occurrence.

I’m constantly planning my next trip, even now when I’ve just returned from a week away.

I live by the rule ‘If something makes you unhappy, change it’.

So somehow I will shake up my life, and it’s started with an e-mail.

I am an optimist, I see all the good, but when there’s nothing new to shake things up a bit, when you’ve explored every inch of where you live, been to every cafe, visited every landmark, walked from one end to another and back, and all this has taken less that a day in perspective it is time for an adventure that will last as long as my present occupation will.

My message of today, is to make a change, I have written an e-mail the outcome of which may shake up my routine, but change can be something so small, whether your sofa would look better on the other side of the room, or printing of a piece of writing your really proud of.

Do something that makes you smile with your heart and eyes not just causing a twitch of the mouth.

I choose to write, and I will continue writing until my work is done and I can pick up my book once more and sink into Paris.

For today, I recommend a small scoop of procrastination with a sprinkle of motivation and a drizzle of change.




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