Ten reasons why packet cake mixes are only for emergencies

My flatmate this evening made a packet mix cake, the results are never good in looks or taste but here are my ten main reasons of why it is not good, and why you should make your own:

1. Packet mixes will never taste anywhere near as good no matter how much butter cream and how many sprinkles you bury them under.

2. In this time it takes you to make all the things to bury it under, you could have made a lovely buttercream for a home-made cake.

3. My record time for emergency home-made ‘bad day’ cake is about 5 minutes inclusive of cooking (it was microwave cake but still my own recipe and tasty).

4. Think of your health, Cake that comes in a packet is designed to be kept for anything upto years, a fresh cake can be so much more healthy for you.

5. When baking a real cake you’re burning off some of the calories inside it.

6. Imagination: Home-made cakes can be made of anything, you can add Nutella, syrup, nuts. But in packet mix to get the consistency right this is difficult.

7. Emotion: making your own cake is a psychological product of pride, 1950’s house wives looked beautiful and their cakes were always perfect, it was a mental state of feeling beautiful because you could do something for yourself that was a convenience without being too convenient.

8. Your cake will dissolve stress, be made through love, a product of any emotion you want to put in it, just thinking about the ingredients allows you to know naturally what you are craving, cleansing tart lemon cake, rich treacle cake, comforting chocolate, a healthy blueberry cake.

9. Your cake will look beautiful to you even if it has sent you on a roller coaster of ‘it’s awful’s’and disappointment’ it is still your own, a packet cake may sink, or be too flat and will not stir the same rage.

10. The proof beyond the seeing is the whole aim of the cake, to be eaten, to enrich your taste buds with a flavour perfect for the day, even if its not quite right, it gives you hope and something to aim for next time. That dearest bloggers, is something you will never get with a packet cake.

If you have an absolute meltdown please consider the lovely microwavable options.

Which of course you require recipes for as everyone should have:


Happy Baking!




4 thoughts on “Ten reasons why packet cake mixes are only for emergencies

  1. I totally agree with this! Nothing tastes better than homemade. You theme is really awesome too btw!
    I’m new to wordpress and would love it if you could give us a like or follow? Thankyouuu :) xo

  2. I agree completely. I quit buying mixes a couple of years ago. They put so much garbage in them (high fructose corn syrup, trans fat, artificial flavoring) that it doesn’t seem like food!

    • Thank you for your comment, I think making things from the beginning makes you feel better, you get to produce something entirely yourself there’s no dependence on a cardboard box :) Congratulations on a really good blog by the way.

      • Thank you! And I agree. I love not being dependent on buying that box from a store. I have all the ingredients I could ever need. Even cocoa, which seems to breed in my cabinet. There are at least three cans of it!

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