An Anti-Marmite Adventure

On wednesday I got on a bus, on a warm breezy day, in a sun dress.

I travelled to the nearest big town and from there to a beautiful town barely bigger than a high street but brimming with colour and life.

I was there for work, which largely isn’t worth my time, I’m a mystery shopper.

But I call this post anti-marmite because although I partially hate my job I love it too, its an implosion of feeling.

There I was in this little village knowing that I had to go to a Betting Shop and a Cinema on my return to the big town, but at the moment enjoying a beautiful cafe with a welcome hot chocolate and form to fill in.

I went back to the town, no end of funny looks at why I was dressed with such a summery disconcernability, went to visit that places and then as luck would have it had time to see a film. (The Croods is an excellent film dear bloggers I would recommend it)

From there it became cold as the town (like all those around me) had shut down apart from the restaurants kept in a discreet corner, so I went to the bus stop and waited.

One more stop and a reuturn home at 8pm…shattered after having almost bumped into a friend.

It was the perfect balance of a day, some bad some good but I take both as a positive.

I think it was one of the best days I’ve had in a while, and all because it wasn’t perfect.


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