Dreary Days and Daisy’s

The Raindrops descended and a singular drop of this circular stated moisture fell onto the tip of her nose just as the only tear that would fall that day escaped the corner of her eye.

6 hours of a Wednesday disappearing in a hospital, half of which spent with worry about the new knowledge of her mother being in hospital. The evening when she finally arrived home, somewhat of a blur.

But this story ended happily, this was my Wednesday and it was horrible but the next day I received good news on both counts and so I baked.

Today has been marvelous, at 4am this morning on my way back from the park I saw stars that looked as though they were a cobweb of diamonds scattered on a clouded silk above my head and an otter cheerfully catching fish in the river…

The sunshine has been beautiful we’re graced here with nature that’s astonishing, daisy’s surrounded me as I sat on a blanket on the grass outside of my flat and thought how wonderful it is to be.

Further away someone was listening to Frank Sinatra (or so I think) and I saw a single bird sway among my vision.

Balance occurs, for every bad there is a good.

Cheer up, for the sun shines to guide us through the day,



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