Don’t wear the same jumper!

I’m sat in a room and we both knew before hand, I had been defiant and persisted in wearing it, despite your potential claim to have worn or owned it first. You were the only one who noticed and glared. This was unnecessary, we are all big girls, we are able to wear the same clothes (especially as I was wearing mine with a suit jacket).

If we all wore the same jumpers it would be boring, but sometimes you can mix it up.

Emotional jumpers on the other hand, its nice to be wearing the same. If one persons rain cloud erodes any sunshine; that’s when problems occur.

My thought of today is how easily it can rain on a very nice parade just because peoples moods do not match or they have an emotional hangover that is determined in it’s quest to block out the sun you have allowed into your life.

And then I realised, if you shut the window until their mood has improved there is no need to hide the sunshine, they can rain on their own parade and you can be happy, because any attempt to stop the rain is fruitless.

Today I’m happy, I got a new job and am almost feeling fulfilled again.

To more days where we deny the rain, Hello umbrella!




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