My 2013 Bucket list, A new continuity.

A single look and you receive a thousand thoughts and a sinking feeling.

This feeling did not fit cause to get in bed but instead reminded me that last week I got a brand new job, today I had an interview to go and study for six months in Canada, and tomorrow is another day of a life I can squeeze so much more life out of. This isn’t the end of a tube of toothpaste!

Therefore, I have a list (some old, some new), and it is thus:

  • To begin tidying up my recipes for a recipe book.
  • To compile all of said recipes alongside all bit of travel writing and share with the world (of course via this blog).
  • To rejuvenate my hockey team, new kit, new captain, new start, my recent upgrade to chairperson means I get a chance to make a mark and by gosh am I going to take it.
  • To travel to Australia or France and Italy.
  • To go cliff diving.
  • To dance or lie in the middle of the road late at night.
  • To join a gym DONE (and I enjoy it).
  • To fulfill the fantastic set of playlists I feel I am creating.
  • To meet a random stranger and fall in love or the best sort of friendship.
  • To have the best summer I’ve ever had…so far.

My plan as such is to book two-way tickets to Paris or Australia with a backpack and my companion notebook. It is time to start fuelling an ambition I have never had chance to before.

From looks that give you no hope, to all the hope in the world I have travelled once more.

Through heartbreak and friendship, I have grown once more.

And with the smaller things in life and Travel, I will live, but not once more, just more.

Goodbye for now,




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