The Butterfly with a thousand faces

I walked through the rainforest, the only unconvincing thing about it being the fake flowers I saw halfway round, the only ones the butterflies didn’t seem to want to land on. I was surrounded by these beautiful graceful creatures when I came across the one above, the world in its wings, not just an owl […]

One Day

One day soon, and I know this day is coming I’m going to go on a plane for the first time, to somewhere completely new, completely alone. And in that place I’m going to fall in love with sheer atmosphere. With the optimism that one day, one day I will live in a place I […]

Every end is a beginning

Yesterday I finished a 16,000 word marathon…from just two months. For the last few weeks I have been so wrapped up in life and a rollercoaster of everything I have not had chance to put pen to paper. But Here I am, my optimistic philosophy is that everything that ends start something new, with me […]

We are the ones who got away!

We are the avid tea drinkers, those who stop to consider the beauty of a flower, and those who wear the slowly wilting of the group in our hair to allow them final moments of light.   We are those whose heads are in the clouds, away in places far, near and as yet undiscovered, […]