One Day

One day soon, and I know this day is coming I’m going to go on a plane for the first time, to somewhere completely new, completely alone.

And in that place I’m going to fall in love with sheer atmosphere.

With the optimism that one day, one day I will live in a place I love, I just need to find it.

Through brussels and france, through mexico and Russia, I will find it.

And when I do, when I find absolute love, it won’t just be an atmosphere, it will be the way I spend the rest of my life.

My fundamental belief, my main goal, that which keeps my soul ever optimistic is love.

And I will take it with me, in all its forms, all its ways, all its thought-provoking, word tumbling madness, on all my travels through all my days.

And today, tonight, yesterday was just one of them!

Never forget that love can be the sight of something magnificent, a sound, a look, but it is first and foremost a feeling beyond measure.

My optimistic philosophy of today is a life of love…To Live!



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