How To say goodbye, When it may not be goodbye

It was never going to be easy, watching them all leave, knowing that for each other it isn’t really a goodbye just a brief separation, but not having any certainty on that ground myself.

I’m torn between the world I have known for a year which feels as though a new lifetime, or a place to continue this chapter in full connectivity with the world. It’s the biggest choice I have ever known.

A collision between structure and finding structuring myself.

So I have decided to ensure each goodbye is as though it would be the most it must be, a heartfelt expression of my care for the wonderful people I have met and lived with this year.

Today’s philosophy: That each action should have heart and show what you need to show, good or bad.

As one of the final friends departs later on, I may have a tear in my eye but also a bittersweet fondness in my heart of the fantastic year we’ve shared.

Happy Sunday,



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