Locked-out I let myself back-in!

(After many months I finally found the encrypted word file I’d buried in a pile of documents that contained the key to this blog…)

Bonjour…or should I say Ciao! 

Since I have been gone I found a whole new side of myself…I took a GINORMOUS risk:

I moved across the country…changed my studies, my job, fell into insanity (love) and now I sit in a new year…a compact city I like to call ‘little England’ with a whole lot of crazy in my life-sphere.

Yesterday I left my hometown and took a road-trip to a big ‘ole city with my best friend and realized for the first time in my life how much my family mean to me, and however much I may learn and however much I may travel they will always be there to support me or make me a sandwich when I’m sad (with the biggest of love to my mom!)

I now study Italian, have a radio show all of my own and I can kick-box (or try!). 

Despite this, my wanderlust, baking habits and strong desire to put colour onto any grey surface have not budged.

After many, many months of deliberating on my organisational competence my optimistic philosophy is to take risks and never stop searching for what it is you seek!

I will be back…and soon!

Sincerely, with the most sparkly of January thoughts, 




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