The Groves

I wandered through wispy trees blind in the darkness of the fading woods, the brambles searing my feet as I stumbled forward.

For days I walked the earthy maze, the bows would break and I would find that long the sun, I’d left behind.

My face I’d lost, my name I’d never known and hope what a word I’d since out grown.

But these were the brambles.

Through those days came a pale moonlight until a mountain came insight, a tall rock face and stars alight showed me my ascent.

I climbed the grey edges, hands warn by the weight my feet no longer held and into a cave I fell, out of sight.

These were the hollows: my wandering ways through tunnels of caves in a plight to see the shining night…just once again.

I reached the end, in dark I sat and found that I had a mind in which I got lost, I dreamed of colours so bright I thought they had always been there. After eternity had gave my colours back to my dreams I woke to a single diamond…no gem but a light, a hole on a path I had not seen.

Stumbling forward, rocks displaced in my steps so feverish and alight, I found light, I found a cave with an ascent to more than I could ever have seen in the colours of my dreams. The vines trailing down the side alive with flowers, the sky above a blue so contrasted to the black it burnt my eyes and I reached up. I climbed those walls and stood in a clearing, surrounded by wildflowers and the sweetest of summer breezes soothing my covered skin, my feet caressed by the gentle blades of grass beneath them, my face…one I never knew I had lit by a smile in my own freedom.

These were the groves,

And in them I named myself,



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