Don’t stop until you’re happy as a cloud!

Take three steps forwards and five back…

Then a Christmas tree hits you in the face and its not a problem anymore.

Alongside everything I do, I study, and half way through the beginning chapter of my shiny new city life I found out, much to my dismay, that my tutor was not going to be pleasant to say the least. In fact, despite the attempts of several people to be lovely she was rude and did not have a positive teaching style. I thought of many ways I could work around this, never mentioning the teacher’s attitude directly but simply the style and its negative impacts, and each time I was told I could do nothing but ‘put up with it’.

For months and months I persisted, I tried everyday, I worked so hard everything else suffered but the continuance of being told I wasn’t good enough or humiliated in front of a class for one wrong answer out of many right ones (despite good grades) was like a lead weight, having always dreamed of learning a language, I was crushed. Disappointment of being stuck in a circumstance was worse than the events within it. And having followed my dream to that point I was heartbroken and constantly tired.

I headed home for Christmas with a new weight, knowing the workload that was sat on my shoulders from that one subject and knowing that my job at home was going to be full time. It is safe to say I spent my spare time browsing holidays on the internet and baking, so many cup-pies and cookies, most of which were composted due to eventual lack of interest and increased family waistlines.

Arriving back to the city, my persistent emails having drawn no conclusions as to altering my course without dropping out and looking for an alternative, I spoke to a lady that started a ricochet of helpfulness and I was fueled once more into persistence.

The first three attempts at changing my subject were void…The fourth, was my breakthrough!

To anyone reading this right now, I will admit I got home and cried with the relief of how much weight had disappeared when I was told I could alter my course. Today may be one of the best days of my life, because not only do I feel so much lighter but for months and months I never gave up no matter how I felt and now I see that I am so grateful to everyone who supported me.

And now, now I have a fantastic weekend of bowling and being back on radio to look forward to and some fantastic job aspirations to look into.

This all may seem very straight forward, but that’s the point of how I write today, My philosophy, in upmost optimism is:

No matter how long it takes, no matter how hard you are broken, and no matter what you must do, Never Ever Settle for anything less than what happiness is to you!

Happy Blogging lovely people,

Daisy x


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