Sitting at That Desk

I remember sitting at that desk, the twilight shading the room in orange as my fingertips walked across the shadowed keys.

It was there I knew love for a little while, and considered that life never would break a single one of us.

As I sit at a new desk I consider how much hard work it is now.

I consider that each day I am bombarded by frowns the sunlight colouring nothing more than shadows into my path and the rain etching away at buildings that far outreach my height.

I compare myself sometimes to a sunflower, so rare it is that I enjoy being shaded from the light and nature. So melancholic do I find my current position with people who are systematically not their selves with faces painted by their atmosphere and words uttered loudly to say that they agree with one another in an idleness of tone that means very little to anyone.

I wonder if I will become the same.

I wonder if I will return home.

But despite this I know that right now there is a light more than sunshine that burns as a fire inside my soul, my eyes open and seeing all that must contrast to the dull breeze blocks and my mind awake in wait for a greater cause than I or this.

The ultimate motivation to live is not for oneself but for the cause of something greater. To endeavor to satisfy the soul you own in giving light to something which every particle in your body naturally repels with its magnetism. To have good effect on the life of one is still better than to have none at all.

My optimistic philosophy is not hiding from the light inside of yourself, you’re just as beautiful as you have always been.



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