Universal Motivation

Today a friend asked me to give him motivation. So rather than searching the internet I left my phone at home and went for a walk in the rain. As it happened half way to my destination I had one of those moments when you realise what you want to say; In that moment I realised I only had a none waterproof pen. Practically tattooing my forearm as the rain washed away the scribbled notes off my hand more and more words filled my head. But another 20 minutes later, cosy and warm as I am now only half of the words remain on my arm. But here are those that remain in my head.

We are all made of stardust.

A collection of all the matter of every person that ever lived, everything that ever lived. We in effect are life itself made up of the most wonderful compilations. We can simply laugh, know love and think so hard our mentality can impact upon our physical beings.

One day so too will our lives become the stardust of others.

First we may give life, after that we are found one day by death. But until those times, we are endless, complex beautiful people in our own forevers. We feel pain but we feel the joy of freedom from it; We feel despair but we know it will not last if we hold onto hope; We feel heartbreak but so can we know in time that we will love again.

So why stop there?

Every energy in the universe is a part of you, every movement you make may have been made before but your footprints are new traces, your eyes are awake and seeing new things in different ways, in different colours with different sounds to encompass your living experience. And it’s not just about you, did you make someone smile? did you do something that would help another? Did you do something to help the world in the smallest of ways? If you think about it you probably did without realising but maybe think about it some more. Because in the end as individual as each fingerprint is it’s part of a wonderful collection.

So why not make each day count?

Why enravel yourself in an endless routine when the world is at your feet?

Our sheer physical and natural make-up, our consciousness, our entire beings are like a sign from the universe yo get up each day and end it so tired you no longer wish to stand, so mentally renewed you do not wish to read, surrounded by scents and sounds of your day, even in your own imagination. It is the ultimate motivation to make each day count and to then take a few moments when you can to realise what it is you have achieved in such a small amount of time with your own share of stardust!

Most people will never fulfill any potential because they stop believing they can or the tiredness becomes too much, are you going to be one of them?

What have you done today? 

Daisy x


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