I have considered this in many ways, found many words on many pages. But Instead I’d rather tell you a story:

I once knew a boy, he was almost 21 but not yet a man because of the year in which he’d left himself.

His charm would light up a room, by which I mean he could work each person in that room as though he’d known them all his life.

But one day someone always comes along that unpacks you, see your exterior personality as a glass window to what it hides.

His charm hid a web of darkness he’s concealed since the years in which the world had provided him with more than a young boy should, and in the case of this one, could take.

So in his years of an absence of something greater such as love he shined brightly with a thing he did not posses. Charm.

It consumed other aspects of him because he liked what came from it until the rest of him hid beneath it.

So who was he anymore? In fulfillment he could have shone alongside his charm, but filling an emptiness with something this is not natural to us is greater than the harm that was there before.

It is the death of ‘You’ and the birth of something transparent to the hearts that can see your own.

And in this case, all I ask, is whether true happiness can be allowed in past the sparkling barricade of your charm?


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