Sunflowers and Catherine Wheels

Words fall from my lips without reason as the sun dissipates in the dappled transparency of the overlooking fearn.

The peach kissed sky stands through the blossoms of a tree which obscures my unwilling view of the melancholic grey roofs.

I contemplate as soft sounds fill my head with an ache that says my thought are refreshing, too many in number.

My mind wanders to past days when I would spend hours outside, in my own imagination, my heart so full of wonder.

Age never removed the sparkle in my eye when it came to the sky, I think it got bigger.

I watch the birds and the airplanes, far and near,detailed and leaving nothing but wispy white trails behind.

It never fails to set a stronger need inside of me free.

I’m not even sure it’s wanderlust, it’s just a desire to settle up my life confined in walls and never stop walking until I reach the sunset.

I tie my hair up as the hairband snaps I find my fingertips wanting more of an occupation as they return to the keys.

I have an endless restlessness for music, art, photography and anything that I can put my heart in to that gives me a day ending tiredly with a smile on my face.

I eagerly await easter where perhaps I should appreciate the moment now in which my sunflowers edge upwards in the last of the light and first day of wearing shorts without goosebumps.

My overall feeling is like candyfloss.

Clean covers, clean pj’s and a purity of thought.


Have a Beautiful Day,




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