”Seduci La Mia Mente E Potrai Avere Il Mio Corpo. Trova La Mia Anima E Sarò Tua/o Per Sempre.

If you hold my hand and look at me with open eyes as I tell you about my day; my smile will tell you to kiss me when my words are through,

If you kiss my cheek just as you would kiss my lips then I will bring to your face a smile from the one I return.

Should you stroke my hair behind my ear when my fingers trace your back,  I will share with you some part of my thoughts; my eyes alight.

Those thoughts are mostly of you, but there is endless consideration of life, some thoughts beautiful, some thoughts dark, most of which never pass my lips;

But if you listen to those things and share something of yourself it means more to me than flattering words and a soul-filled silence ever could.

”Seduce my mind and you can have my body,

Find my soul and I am yours forever.”

With Affection,




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