I know, I’ve Seen That Look Before

It’s a dormancy.It’s like no-one has or is finding what they are looking for and they no longer want to try and each day I lack motivation I am worried I will start to feel it too. Like Intimacy means the exchanging of a few simple words and though affection came from nowhere internal other than a wired set of brain processes. I worry every day for the numerical people and the science driven individuals living to breathe in salad’s and walk until they can no longer stand and work until their eyes drift from another day.

We live in a beautiful world, so full of magic and wonder. Every corner can hold something in a similar formation to that which you have seen before but I promise you it’s not the same so look a little closer.

I see the look in your eyes like you’re going through the mechanisms because before you knew different someone came along and told you that hope was a lie and because you believed them and became what you are that will never change. But take my hand and I will take you to a place, even here, where the stars shine like torches and the moon fills you with a sense of something more than your life, adding not removing, significance. I want to show you how I see the flowers, how each petal is different to the next and although the entirety may look like a well maintained similarity the detail is what makes them beautiful.

Then I want to tell you how those flowers are just like us, I want to look into your eyes and see a light, not a frightened child or a cold wall. I want to tell you that each one of us is a beautiful individual even if there are masses of people focusing on the later aspects, the quick pleasure points, the fast-track successes and the money-making madness.

More than anything, I want you to feel it. I want you to know I wouldn’t share a single word of myself let alone a single kiss if I did not want to. I want you to know that the joy in my eyes is genuine.

But even more than that…Not just in yours, but in everyone’s eyes do I want to see something in them about the city that fills me with hope. I want to see truth, however painful and honesty that I can always find in myself to forgive.

It’s not the walls that confine us but our feelings towards them, what we apply to them. You can’t expect a grey stone wall to be beautiful unless you make it so. You can’t expect a person to be beautiful unless you can see beauty. You can always find a detail of comparison with another human being, sometimes you’re enemies are the people most like you.

Optimism is more than just being happy, it’s learning how to find happiness in everything you do. Finding joy in looking after your mind, body & soul, Smiling when it pours down with rain and you don’t have an umbrella because what else do you do? and laughing when someone tells you that you can never…They’re the ones who may never realise what they just started and what they’re missing out on.

Have a beautiful Friday whether you’re singing in the rain or smiling in the sunshine,






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