Lost Connection

This woman hits a modern day problem with a nail on the head. Digestably intellectualising a problem we all face in the loss of connection from the growth and adaptation of technology. The last time I spent a day without my phone I can say for certain was when I stayed in a Buddhist monastery last September. Recently I have endeavoured to put my phone down a little more to read real books and exercise because although technology most of the time allows me global connectivity so to does it take me away from the beautiful moment I am in.

I highly recommend a family meal, a walk or time to read physical book phone free to refresh your thoughts. Even swapping the endless segments of conversation for an hour long phonecall. It’s easy to say there is a lack of time but when I thought about it Inspend more than an hour a day reading, replying or thinking about messages and this time could be spent not being distracted from the person I’m sat next to who wants to share some of their life or not feeling like as I share a little bit of mine that I am burdening another in some way with the depth of my conversation as they tap away on their keys and nod or smile absently.

I love human beings and only recently joined the age of apps and tablet computers. Honestly, if I did not want to keep up with the advances of humanity and in turn my own globalization collective of human companions I would leave it all behind. Alas the word community has changed dramatically but that doesn’t mean you have to!

Today I advocate little changes, real smiles and open ears to the world beyond a screen.

Daisy x


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