The Origins Of Today

Once upon a time there was a Godess. Her symbol was a hare and she was celebrated and worshipped in many ancient lands. Her names are many between Eostre and Ishtar and other alike.

But she represented many things. Spring, fertility, April and new life.

The celebrated rich traditions of this goddess saw pagan women rebel against religious authorities in their indulgence in baking hot cross buns.

In many mythologies not just with this Godess there was a story of a son (sun) being put to death on a cross. The cross-translations have meant this is widely viewed as a biblical thing but in earlier histories the meaning was of the resurrection of the sun in springtime after it’s death in winter. The start of a season of new life.

This is where the bunnies arise alongside the eggs. All symbols with hidden meaning about the beautiful preserved symbol of what this day really means.

By this day I also mean Easter and whether you celebrate by going to church (originating from sunrise celebration), pagan festivities or even the secular equinox I hope you have a fantastic day celebrating with people and things you love in the knowledge that meaning is preserved even in the most channelled and often forgotten ways with the symbols we use. What more fun than an egg hunt and more fitting that the breaking of an egg with the meaning in mind!

Happy Easter,



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