The Orphaned Stars

She sat among the midnight. Magnetic skies lighting her footprints in the ground and she strolled towards the Oak tree and sat below its branches looking up to the stars to take her elsewhere; Each so entwined but far apart…she knew how that felt.

She wondered about this place, submerged into the forest of night. What more could a forest hold so thoroughly than darkness when it so readily repelled the sun.

We’re all orphans really, no forever longer than a goodbye, no day longer than our darkest night.

I don’t think this shows us we are alone but that we are stronger than we could ever imagine; That each fleeting star by our side in our visible light and disappearing distance is just as much as something to marvel at as the sky which holds us. 

I bid the sky goodnight, the sight of my Goddess’ moon flooded by raindrops which invisibly soaked through me. 

I could no longer see the moon without the silhouette of a wolf in it’s shadows. I could no longer look upon a full moon without the cover of rain to dissolve my tears as one of their own.

Today I allow my march to slow in this place, because I won’t be here much longer.

These stars are just as much a part of me as the shadows that never dared stand in front of me, I love them in their orphaned plight.

This night is all I have.  



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