Colouring-in Weather

”The clouds are looking a little grey” he said. So I pulled off my sunglasses that made the world filtered like one of his instagram shots and slid them over his eyes. ”Better?”

”I think so. But now the contrast is off, the clouds look orange.” He chuckled as I sighed giving him a disdainful look.

”I can’t change that I’m afraid, this isn’t your phones still screen of your world. I can’t make it brighter or more dim; that’s just how it works” I looked down to the sea, sat on the harbor wall, watching the tide recede for the afternoon, children with ice creams melting over their fingers wide eyed at everything around them while their parents fussed over maps and packing up cars. I was happy to bask in the fleeting patches of sun that filtered through the clouds. What more could I really need when my mind was busier than the shell-studded beach and my body had been over-worked in my recent attempts to make it less fragile.

I noticed him looking at me then, something I hadn’t seen in his face before and no sooner had it appeared than it was gone…I probably imagined it but this had been too long a silence from his words for some larger event not to have occurred in his universe.

”You know, you look so far away some times Iz, like your eyes are seeing a world between the waves. I wish I could see it.” I looked at him then, the boy who had been my childhood friend, growing up wandering the shore finding adventures with the tide and the caves that dotted the bay. I hesitated before I spoke my next words but no less they had to be said; ”I can show you if I like, but you must take off my glasses, you must put away your phone and you must open your mind.”

He considered my words before nodding slowly and handing me back the glasses which I put in my bag, looking at me intently like I was about to teach him something most profound about life that he was struggling to see himself. I shuffled nearer…only slightly and rested my hand over his ”Jai look into the water. It reaches the shore and then recedes, it caresses the tip of the beach for only moments a day and more than that it is guided by something beyond the earth we were born unto…don’t you think among it’s glistening surface and mass that makes it something magical? I just like to imagine the magic it’s made of. The days it has seen beyond our own considerations of how we came to be and then in turn how each part of it is changed by our lives in some way. We swim in it, we drink it, we become it’s living memory and every grain of sand ,un-moving, is every part of our human history. If we kept only a tiny trinket of it we would hold in our hands a segment of the greatest peace of literature ever written in a language we can only imagine to read. That’s what I see.”

It took nothing more than my words, gently said with a careful consideration, for that look to return to his face, his face drew closer until the moment I had imagined since the day I realized that growing up with him had given me the time to love him like no other could or ever would again. His palm traced across my cheek un-disturbed by a gentle breeze as his hesitant eyes met the warmth in mine and he placed a single kiss upon my lips. I could have waited a lifetime for that moment, to replay it in my head like I would when I got home that night staring at the glow in the dark stars on the ceiling. Magic was in time, in lessons…in love. We’d never leave it behind if we kept our hearts open and allowed the truth of their words to drift out of our mouths just like the moment the sea touches the tip of the beach.

I held his hand and the silence fell, but this time he saw as I did, this time there was a balance. This time we would remain so blissfully involved in the world until it turned chilly. He never asked if we could colour-in the weather again.



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