Even Though I’m A Woman

I’m missed those faces, even though I’m a woman now.

I walked away because I love you more when I miss you, but no less I love you.

No luggage weighing me down, its presence halted by the sunset from a duller day my steps fleed from.

My mind over filled, a release of words welcome as friendly faces were greeted and old haunts revisited.

The Chinese restaurant with a welsh name and the little supermarket that hid between the shops.

I was Home, but as a different person that before and I saw it in their faces. My confidence fully renewed despite my dwindling faith and a  rather bold decision sat in my hands. This time I was free of anything but hope, and hope came with the sunshine I walked into in the sacrifice of the rain that followed.

I embraced the change; I came to accept the person I am now.


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