The Paper Airoplane

Will I stay? 

Will I allow myself to be torn apart by words I learn and thoughts that are not mine by those who crave the appeal of skin over mind.

Is my memory to serve more than the lines I carve on blank pages in the depth of night when it is only I and those drunken absent souls awake?

What then of creativity, of romance and passion going to waste not in the twilight but in the absence.

Where am I to stand in these times, frustrated.

My heart lives in a thousand pieces each residing in fragments of my life both future and past but very little is left or wishes to reside in the now with these harsh concrete walls, multi-purpose floors and baron doors.

The personalities encased hidden in drawers not displayed for the eyes, the minds locked away. The feelings confused by what they have seen and what because of it they can never be sure to know.

And what then of love? are its past labors lost unto a new generation of dwindling romantics tied to an age they don’t really find belonging in?

My days of walks and wooing shall not be forgotten. Not while I breathe but I feel that age in this place must now cease.

Summer awaits and so does the time to open my arms to my own discovery. 

A voyage of a new kind awaits, it’s time to lay my own foundations beyond the papers of opinion and attempted confinement of chaos.

Set Sail to a new day to begin the life you’ve always imagined!


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