Look At Your Shoes!

Look at your shoes, do they reflect who you are?

Can you run through a field with freedom pushing you forward or walk through the city street with some reverberation reminding you of you you are and how powerful you can be.

You are grounded by those feet and guided by those eyes so both should be appeased by what what you see when you look to the ground beyond the dusty pavement and muddy grass.

Do they make you feel taller than those buildings, higher than the clouds with a spring in your step and a smile on your face?

If they don’t then it’s time to go shopping.

This isn’t just about your footwear. 

You are not wear you wear, but you are how it makes you feel and act.

Sundays are a beautiful day to go out and start finding yourself, starting with those shoes and working your way up to the smile on your face when you find something just right for you.

Happy Sunday, 

You are all beautiful people!



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