Summer Day 3: ”Just a Girl Standing In Front Of A Boy”

I arrived home in the later hours of Sunday, started to unpack and fell asleep next to the mountain of clothes I had accumulated in my year away.

Day one saw new shoes, too many errands but a happy pile of book situate their selves in the space that wasn’t being used for my unpacking.

Day 2 was back to work and a lot of happily consuming literature…

So here we are in day three and I’ve just finished my first book, ”Just a Girl Standing In Front Of a Boy” by Lucy-Anna Holmes

I picked it up thinking it would just be chick literature, something light-hearted and, don’t get me wrong, it very much was but as predictable as the content there was no end to the smile on my face when each thing happened.

The story was a beautiful set of words that you could take so many life affirming things from. And from those pages this is what I took:

  • Don’t ever settle: Sometimes it’s easy to be with someone, but sometimes they’re just not the right person for you. Look at your relationship and ask yourself are they as good for you as maybe you are to them and what do you mean to them. Two people means two sides and just like every cliche Ying and Yang story you’ve ever read you really do need balance.
  • Love your best friends: You don’t always realize they’re there but they’re the ones you can ring up and rely on to cheer you up when you need it. More so when you don’t even have to ask. Be the rainbow to someone’s grey cloud and show them you love them.
  • Don’t just stop with your friends. Anonymous acts of kindness like strangers writing letters or matchmaking or generally helping each other out is what I live to see. Jenny’s Manifesto in the book see’s her carrying around a holdall in preparation with stationary and all sorts of things that she can use to brighten peoples day. Just google random acts of kindness and you will be shocked at how wonderful people can be.
  • Appreciate the little things in life: I say it all the time but when the main character and her mum go to the beach the descriptive prowess of the author is wonderful in the simplicity.
  • Finally, Make sure someone knows what you really love so if you die you’re sorted. It sounds morbid, it is a little but I do not want a wake in a golf club…no thank you!

Loving being back in the world of books I’m going to disappear once more, this one has been a beautiful tale of everyday extraordinary.

Goodbye for now,

Daisy x  


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