Welcome to Day dreams of Daisies :)

I would like to invite you all to read, like, comment on or follow the general optimism I hope to share in my blog.

I love all aspects of life from the smell of brand new pencil crayons and clouds that look like frogs to a collection of little things that remind me of good days (Inclusive of an acorn, a button and an arcade ticket that says smile) and I also have a borderline obsession with Red and White Polka dots…mainly of my ever-growing family of teacups and teapots.

Through education I am a philosopher, with my heart living in the 1950’/60’s and my head living in the clouds.

I spend most of my spare time baking edible sources of all kinds of emotional cures and thinking of new ideas to brighten days.

The two things I want more than anything in life are to be happy and to travel, and during to share the happiness and stories alongside it.

I am passionate about so many things,  all of which make my eyes sparkle and remind me that whatever life leads me through those things will be there and if I can share a little of this feeling along the way all the better.

Happy Monday [Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday & Sunday],



6 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi Daisy, thanks for your kind follow. I’m afraid I have to refrain from more mutual follows until I can figure out how to manage the deluge of WordPress emails I get every day. Best of luck with your blog.

    Cheers, Navigator.

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