Another Sunset, Once More I Draw The Blinds

It’s been a year.  More precisely it will be 8 months and 16 days until I moved in. Yet here I am divided, the day I’m most looking forward to, the day I move out. I’ve had some fun. I’ve met some interesting people. More than anything I’ve poured myself into work. Now, on the […]

My Summer Bucket List: A Seasonal Separation

I’m breaking the mold. Normally I’d bring you poetry or a story or some perhaps lightly too-subverted philosophy hidden in shoes. But today is not only Sunday but exactly a week before I get to go home for the summer!  I haven’t started packing, in fact, right now I’m sat with my elbows resting on […]

Every end is a beginning

Yesterday I finished a 16,000 word marathon…from just two months. For the last few weeks I have been so wrapped up in life and a rollercoaster of everything I have not had chance to put pen to paper. But Here I am, my optimistic philosophy is that everything that ends start something new, with me […]

Slumber into which we become…

Our eyes heavy from days that are filled not enough or unfilled just enough for a fatigue to creep in, The comfort provided by duck feather pillows and duvets lulls us into a sense that to rest just a moment will be forever in out favour. As we sit out eyes feel the weight of […]