My Summer Bucket List: A Seasonal Separation

I’m breaking the mold. Normally I’d bring you poetry or a story or some perhaps lightly too-subverted philosophy hidden in shoes. But today is not only Sunday but exactly a week before I get to go home for the summer!  I haven’t started packing, in fact, right now I’m sat with my elbows resting on […]

Tasteless Birthday Cake

As my mum returned from a distant relatives birthday meal she handed me a piece of cake. I am an open advocate of all things baked and appreciate the gesture but one bite in and there was not a happy expression about my face. I’m sure the cake was beautifully iced with an appropriate amount […]

Ten reasons why packet cake mixes are only for emergencies

My flatmate this evening made a packet mix cake, the results are never good in looks or taste but here are my ten main reasons of why it is not good, and why you should make your own: 1. Packet mixes will never taste anywhere near as good no matter how much butter cream and […]

Life once again gave me Lemons

To cure a bad day, there’s only one thing for it, so out came the baking tray and the cupcake cases and in two bowls I created two mixtures. The products were some very well blended marbled vanilla honey crossed with milk chocolate cupcakes with buttercream made from lemon curd. Constantly my brain is filled with […]

2 days in numbers.

The cake: 4.75 hours, 5 colours, 8 letters, 1 Birthday, Countless dedication. The walk: 1 hour 30 minutes, 11:30- 13:00, 90 minutes; google’s predicted time (exc. stops) 4.6 miles, 19.56521739130435 minutes per mile, 3 m/ph average speed, 2-4 m/ph actual speed, 10104 steps on a pedometer, 2 stops for snacks etc., Countless cars, 1 shattered […]