This Girl Is Beautiful.

If you’re sat there reading this thinking the same as me; if your face has ever lit up about something. if your words have ever become so filled with passionate anger or you’re speaking with your arms more loudly than your words or not even using words at all but changing the world with a […]

A home, not just a house

A home is where you rest your feet and someone smiles at you after a long day, the sound that fills each breathe you take fills your heart at once and tells you that tomorrow will be just as beautiful when you wake in a space that is completely your own, each item a depiction […]

One Day

One day soon, and I know this day is coming I’m going to go on a plane for the first time, to somewhere completely new, completely alone. And in that place I’m going to fall in love with sheer atmosphere. With the optimism that one day, one day I will live in a place I […]

Procrastinating for Motivation

Today I am alone and have a big deadline tomorrow,┬ábut I know once I have completed the work on this piece of writing that will be it for the big events for the next week. I’m not sure why I procrastinate, I find the work easy enough and enjoy it enough. But here I am […]